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Digital Marketing Trends For 2023

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When it comes to digital marketing, one thing is always certain: trends will come and go. As the new year approaches, new trends are emerging, and staying on top of them is key to making sure your business has the best possible digital marketing strategy to follow. To make things a little bit easier for you, we’ve put together this quick list of upcoming trends to guide you as you strategize for the coming year.

A Rise In Artificial Intelligence

So many systems around us are run on artificial intelligence (AI), and oftentimes, we don’t even realize it. Over the past few years, there has been a marked increase in AI systems for everything from campaign reports to language processing. Now, as 2023 approaches, AI is only set to evolve more, and this time, it will benefit digital marketing too. For one, smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa, for example, will be opening up to branded content and apps. By using avenues like this one, brands will be able to connect with their audiences and share everything from industry news to relevant products and more.

A New Age Of Augmented Reality

One of the most promising emerging digital marketing trends is augmented reality (AR). Over the past several years, its popularity has soared, and experts predict that it will outpace virtual reality (VR) within a matter of months. AR has made its presence in digital marketing one of the fastest-growing ones. In fact, it’s already being used by large corporations like IKEA.

The Swedish home goods giant launched its IKEA Place app in 2017, and since then, customers have been able to use it to envision what products could look like in their homes, or whether or not they will fit into specific spaces. AR is quickly becoming an important branch of experiential marketing, and it won’t be long until it’s an important component of digital marketing too.

Increased Chat Bots

Almost every website you visit these days has a Chatbot ready to answer visitors’ questions or to guide them to the pages that likely have the answers they’re looking for. Businesses have been using them for a while already, and now digital marketing seems to be capitalizing on this trend too. For example, Chatbots on social media help brands interact with their customers better and offer them a superior experience. Uber, for example, now allows users to request a ride through their Facebook Messenger apps. By integrating their marketing channels with the point of purchase, Chatbots are beginning to make customers’ experiences seamless, as well as shorten the purchase cycle.

We’re also starting to see more AI-driven Chatbots emerge. These can deliver personalized experiences to clients and customers. For example, Bank of America’s Chatbot can handle almost every customer query with the use of predictive analytics. This means that the bots can anticipate their customers’ needs and guide them accordingly, from helping them make payments to checking their balances and even saving them money they can then use on  FIFA betting or other preferred alternatives.

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