NEWMAN MEDIA Digital Media Digital Marketing – Which Industries Benefit the Most?

Digital Marketing – Which Industries Benefit the Most?

Digital Marketing – Which Industries Benefit the Most? post thumbnail image

When people think about advertising in the current, technologically advanced world, not many would think of the traditional advertising routes that used to be popular. Gone are the days of simply placing an advertisement in the newspaper or paying handsomely for a television ad, and in are the days of using the internet to boost your company profile.

But, not every company within every industry is quite as privy as they need to be to the benefits of digital marketing quite yet. In fact, some industries are growing massively simply because they are making use of online advertising and things like SEO to help boost awareness of their products. But which industries are benefitting the most from digital marketing? This article will speak on the use of digital marketing in certain industries to boost popularity.

Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Industry

It is no coincidence that cryptocurrencies and digital marketing both became popular at the exact same time. In fact, one could actually argue that without digital marketing, and the explosion of online advertising and digital media, cryptocurrency trading and digital asset owning wouldn’t be as popular as it is right now.

Digital marketing has been used by crypto exchange platforms as well as coin engineering companies themselves to market their products to consumers who likely spend a lot of time online. As such, the industry has grown massively within the space of a very short period of time, and that growth doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon.

Online Gambling and Betting Industry

It cannot be argued that online gambling and betting (especially sports betting) has exploded in popularity over the past few years. In fact, there are entire online casinos that you can now visit should you be feeling lucky at any point in time. Companies like online casinos and sports betting websites have used digital marketing to great effect, advertising their products in an ethical and safe way to online consumers.

There have even been massive technological developments in the online gambling sphere which are shifting the industry entirely – things like digital horse racing and online horse racing betting have become hugely popular thanks to the inventiveness of digital marketing and things like SEO techniques.

Fashion Industry

The fashion world, in its current state, seems to exist almost entirely online. Many experts in the industry are predicting a total shift to online that can be compared to the video store to an online streaming pipeline that we’ve seen over the past decade. Physical clothing stores still exist, but the statistics are starting to show that the majority of fashion purchases now take place online.

Digital marketing, especially influencer marketing, has been used in this industry to create mega brands that never would have become popular if they went the physical store route.

It remains to be seen which other industries will end up profiting massively from the marvel that is digital and online advertising.

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