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NFTs and Digital Assets – What is Digital Horse Racing?

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It seems like today, just about everybody owns some form of digital asset – whether that be an investment in some sort of cryptocurrency or even owning a piece of art that has been converted into an NFT in order to confer ownership. The digital and online world seems to be taking over almost everything that we once knew to be physical.

Perhaps the most surprising recent development in the digital world is the fact that horse ownership, and horse racing has become popular in terms of technology. There are digital horse races taking place the very second that you’re reading this article and owning a digital horse for those races can be done by anyone, as they are owned as NFTs. But what is digital horse racing, and why do people love it?

What is a Digital Horse Race?

A digital horse race is exactly what it sounds like – people use their money to purchase a digital horse as an NFT and then enter that horse into one of the millions of digital horse races taking place online. One of the biggest reasons that people love horse racing is that it gets the adrenaline pumping – no one really knows which horse is going to win the race right up until the final moments. This means that the sport keeps you in your seat right until the very end.

Taking the concept and going digital with it means that the stakes are even more personalised because you’ll be betting on your own horse to win instead of some random jockey that you might not know too much about. Furthermore, it also means that you can get the same adrenaline pump that you would get for a standardized horse race, from the comfort of your own home.

The Betting Stakes

One thing that is undeniable is the betting culture that comes along with horse racing. The digital world is no different, as owning and betting on your own (or someone else’s) horse can bring you massive winnings. The conversion of real-life horse racing is similar to the conversion of real slot machines into real money online pokies. Both of these allow you to make bets and make money from the comfort of your living room.

Online horse racing is currently generating a lot of money – so much so that experts believe that on this upward trend, it could even overtake real-life horse racing in a matter of years. The future is definitely bright and the betting scene in the digital world is bustling and booming and could present you with a great way to make some good money!

Wrapping Up

All in all, digital horse racing is a new trend that no one truly ever believed would take off in popularity as high as it quite has. Many people who are experts and intermediates in the world of digital assets are fascinated by the ongoing developments in online horse racing and betting.

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