NEWMAN MEDIA Digital Media Top Digital Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To

Top Digital Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To

Top Digital Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To post thumbnail image

Following online digital trends is always a risky move – as some don’t always stand the test of time or may just be bad news for companies. These trends, however, are the ones which have proven to have staying power. Which is why you should already be incorporating them into your online digital marketing strategies.

  1. Personalise

With the amount of data available to companies and businesses about clients and potential accounts, it’s well worth using that data to personalise things. Not only should you be looking to personalise contact points for clients using data like demographics and location, but also by ensuring your customers touch points have a personalised content selection attached too.

  1. Segment Content

If you’re not already segmenting your content and making navigation of your website, blog and social sites as simple as can be, then you’re likely turning visitors away before you can entice them to stay. While it’s tempting to want to share everything good about your company from the get-go, it can also be bewildering to a new website visitor if they can’t find the page, product or portal they need easily. Segmenting your site into concise and clear areas will help them navigate more smoothly and encourage them to stick around and explore a little more.

  1. Digital Payments

Top companies around the world are using crypto currencies as purchasing options on their website. While you may not be ready to do this yet, it’s well worth considering investigating and utilising in the future as more payment options allow greater flexibility for clients, and lead to higher sales volumes.  You can take this even further down the line and see how your brand and products could also be related to in the immersive digital world that companies like Meta are making, potentially through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

  1. Utilise Videos

Videos are a top content medium and with the variety of video platforms to choose between you make certain your company has a presence on at least one, like YouTube or TikTok. This will help you connect to your audience through informative, DIY videos, or thoughts as an industry leader.

  1. Share a success or story

People love to hear about success stories, whether it’s about a big online slots NZ win or any other victory. That’s why sharing them every now and again can help your user base to feel closer to you. You don’t have to share personal stories either – pick whether you’ll highlight a hardworking employee, single out a star client of the month, or share a testimonial of someone who’s been touched by your products or services. This is only the start of the potential you can tap into.

  1. Investigate AI Potential

Artificial Intelligence has been growing in leaps and bounds over the past decade, and it’s a good choice if you need to analyse large amounts of data quickly. Some key areas AI can help businesses include analysing customer behaviour and detect patterns, allowing your company to fulfil needs for clients as they come up through conveniently timed adverts to them.

Which trend are you keen to try?

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