NEWMAN MEDIA Digital Media What Is Content Scoring And How Do You Implement It?

What Is Content Scoring And How Do You Implement It?

What Is Content Scoring And How Do You Implement It? post thumbnail image

Content scoring is the process of evaluating and quantifying the real prospects and possibilities of content, by tracking the outcome  and performance of individual content pieces.

Content scoring takes something seemingly intangible, and creates an innovative way of keeping informative and helpful tabs on how your content is fairing. It helps marketers prioritize the assets that have the best chance of creating and converting leads. Content scoring is not only a fantastic and reliable way to bring a more scientific and numerical approach and understanding to content marketing, but also a great way to rank and gauge the potential of content even before it gets published.

The quality of your content has a direct impact on the success of each marketing campaign and your audience profile. By staying in touch with the needs of your customers and being open to constantly upping the standard of the content released, then you will be ensured to grow from strength to strength as a business. In saying this, improving your content is a progressive process and cannot be done overnight. It takes dedication to analysing the audience responses and continual measurement of the consumers’ needs.

How Do You Score Your Content?

In the world of content, it is well known that there isn’t necessarily one magical recipe that works perfectly for scoring or quantifying content. Each brand and business requires different analytics.  But once your brand or business has got its own personal recipe for content scoring figured out, then you can use this method repeatedly and get truly wonderful results.

Here are some tips to try, to get started on scoring your content:

Figuring Out Your Own Scoring Criteria: In order for your scoring system to work you will need to find a solid foundation to work from. This will be directly connected to your most engaging content and the content which has the most defining impact.

Create A Solid Campaign: Once you’ve figured out which metric matters to you most, the next step is to create a campaign, add your most successful content and include all the assets that meet your metric criteria.

Track Content Performance: It is highly important to track each piece of content and keep an eye on its performance. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of missing important bits of information that may give you easy understanding into your content scoring process. Using analysing sites and trackers can help you in staying on top of the way your content is performing. Using something like PCAD Manual can help you track your analytics.

The process of content scoring goes much deeper than what we have described here. But unlike playing at an online casino in Canada, it can be a long and monotonous process. The effort is highly worth it in the end and can really assist your brand in highly refined content that reaches greater heights than you could ever imagine.

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