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How Influencers Make Their Money

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Running a successful social media influencer business is a fair bit more work than most people might realise. Sure, there are going to be those that put in the least amount of effort possible, and while this approach can sometimes work, the majority of the most popular and well-established influencers do it all day, every day.

Social media influencers are the most successful on the market, and many have devoted their lives to learning how to engage as many people as possible. On top of that, an influencer also must know how to use their unique skills to earn an income, which can sometimes be fairly difficult.

The First Step Is Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is the bread and butter for influencers that are fairly new to the industry. The idea is to build enough of a following that businesses and individuals reach out and offer to pay for a piece of content that advertises their product or service.

Depending on the kinds of brands that the influencer is attracting, this can quickly become a profitable venture. Timing is everything, and an influencer will have to become familiar with the conventions of maximum engagement without causing people to lose interest.

Working For The Brands

Sponsored content is one way to go forward, but another way is by being what’s called a “brand ambassador.” This is somewhat different to sponsored content in that the influencer will generally work for a specific brand for a certain amount of time, receiving an income from the brand for doing so. It’s considered to be a much more reliable way of making money, and some influencers live well on the income they earn from recommending the brand to as many different people as they possibly can.

Selling Products

Not only can influencers make money by promoting other products, but they can sell products of their own. This can be in the form of a digital product, such as online tutorials or ebooks. This is a great way of going about it as the influencer is able to sell their own product and market it for free using their platforms. Tutorials have become immensely popular in recent years and is one of the top ways of earning money as an influencer.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an extremely broad field and despite the competition, it remains an excellent way of making money. This kind of marketing is used for most of the products and services we see, whether it’s an ad for a new hair dryer, the latest video game, a banner ad offering pokies with real money, or a new Marvel movie.

An influencer will share a link to a specific product, and when one of their followers clicks on that link and purchases the item, the influencer will receive a commission. The commission numbers seem small at first, but when an influencer can get even hundreds of people to buy the product, it can make a big difference to their bottom line.

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