NEWMAN MEDIA Digital Media Blogs To Keep You Ahead Of The SEO Pack

Blogs To Keep You Ahead Of The SEO Pack

Blogs To Keep You Ahead Of The SEO Pack post thumbnail image

The internet and the search engine community is constantly evolving as our digital world expands. For SEO practitioners, it can sometimes be hard to keep up.

There is always something new coming out of Google. With more than 70% of search engine requests under its belt, Google tops the most popular search engine rankings. In the mobile market, Goggle captures around 85% of searches.

But it’s also important to aim for top rankings on the other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and the Chinese Baidu for the Asian market. But guidelines, regulations and rules are forever changing. So how does one keep ahead?

Here are 5 top new media blogs to visit regularly over your morning brew aimed at keeping you up-to-date and skilled to top those rankings.


For all your inbound marketing strategies, Moz is possibly your first stop. It’s easy to use and comprehend, even for newbies to SEO, without being overwhelming. Moz will keep you abreast of Google algorithm updates together with keyword planning and a host of other need-to-know items.

A handy feature is their “Whiteboard Fairy” video posted each Friday, in which they explain and expand on SEO topics. Moz has a nice clean interface, making it a pleasure to use.

HubSpot Marketing

Any digital marketer worth their chops knows the importance of content and a good content strategy. This blog will help you craft a killer marketing strategy and offers helpful free templates guides and tutorials.

This is a great choice for a wide range of topics and blog posts are regularly updated.

Content Marketing Institute

It’s old-fashioned moniker aside, CMI is a no-nonsense resource for everything content marketing with lots of useful insights and advice. Their news updates every week day keep you abreast of what’s happening in the sector. CMI’s extensive library will become an essential part of your optimisation toolkit.

Search Engine Land

For the best and latest marketing technology news, Search Engine Land is a dream come true for all aspects of marketing in the digital age. In a fast-moving sector, SEL focuses on the most up to date in advertising and marketing technology with updates posted throughout the day. From SEO to pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine marketing (SEM), Search Engine Land has got you covered.


This blog is a must-have in your SEO arsenal as one of the blog’s best features are their downloadable trend reports. The PSFK team is ahead of their game, producing intel reports on a number of aspects in the industry, often a few years in advance.

Like many of the other blogs, you can sign up regular informative newsletters. You can also peruse their large Report Store. PSFK keep track of industry ideas and insights, providing users with valuable information, analysis, and case studies.

Whether your marketing strategy uses a combination of traditional and new media, or you use only digital marketing tools like those popular with a Sri Lanka casino online, these five blogs should keep you in the know.

Stay ahead of the pack with valuable and insightful intel on reaching and engaging with your audience.

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