NEWMAN MEDIA Digital Media Should We Be Insourcing Or Outsourcing Our Digital Marketing?

Should We Be Insourcing Or Outsourcing Our Digital Marketing?

Should We Be Insourcing Or Outsourcing Our Digital Marketing? post thumbnail image

In order for your business to grow and expand in the digital era it has to have an effective marketing plan. Prior to answering the questions about how to achieve this you need to pinpoint who will be handling your digital marketing efforts – in other words insourcing as opposed to outsourcing to a digital marketing agency?

Deciding on what marketing strategy your business selects is not an easy decision. In this article, we have a look at the benefits and limitations of both insourcing and outsourcing. Every organisation is different and necessitates a tailored approach.

Does your organisation know what is best suited to its digital marketing needs? Is it combining both?

Unpacking Digital Marketing Services

In terms of analysing which option is best for a company, it’s very important to understand how digital marketing supports the purpose of the business. Imagine a ball with a number of different cores: the centre is the customer and the organisation is attempting to build a community around them. To support this type of community building are creative, social media, paid media, public relations as well as own channels.

The next layer surrounding those are data and analytics – crucial to assessment and iteration. The exterior layer to that is the business strategy – what is the aim of the business is and how this feeds the marketing strategy in terms of how marketing interprets what the company is trying to accomplish. Supporting this is the brand and digital strategies – how we make all these things work online in order to serve the customer at the centre.

Positives Of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

When speaking about product or service pricing, money talk is always the typical elephant in the room. Many companies won’t provide prospects any cost numbers until the end of a conversation – no matter if that conversation lasts for three minutes or three months. Outsourcing simply saves money, all while offering further benefits.

Insourcing Has Some Upsides

One massive positive of hiring an in-house digital marketing team is that they will be immersed in the company’s culture. Each in-house worker can come together to assist with strengthening the company’s story.

For organisations that are built around nothing but passion for their products, the leadership teams will do whatever is required to find talent that reflects these same feelings for the brand. Just like when placing sports bets online in NZ, when the correct players are united, the efforts are well worth the result.

In addition, an in-house staff can stray from strict “deliverables” that are usually set in the contract of any agency. Take content creation, for instance, perhaps an agency will hire a content team to create 15 blogs per month and ghost-write a couple of guest blogs for other websites within their niche to establish some strong links.

If it is under contract, an agency will stick closely to the terms, even if its client has a need to prioritise other items, for example adding content on some pages, putting together entirely new pages for new products/services; or focusing on social efforts such as writing LinkedIn stories or social posts.

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