NEWMAN MEDIA Traditional Media Signs That Your Email Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working And How To Fix Them

Signs That Your Email Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working And How To Fix Them

Signs That Your Email Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working And How To Fix Them post thumbnail image

Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to engage with your audience and transform subscribers into buyers. However, just having a strategy and sending emails to your intended audience often doesn’t mean email campaigns are working.

The only way to really know if your campaign is working is to track it. If you would like to elevate your email campaigns, it’s incredibly important to evaluate each of the factors which determine your success. In order to assist, we wanted to underline a couple of the common reasons your email campaigns may not be working and offer up some quick and easy ideas for how to fix them.

Your Emails Are Not Being Opened

As the old “tree falling down in the woods” saying teaches us: if an email is not opened, will anyone actually read the message? The answer is a resounding no. The two main factors for determining open rates are frequently the subject line and send time.

That’s why your subject line is one of the most important aspects of improving your email marketing campaigns. If you’ve struggled to increase open rates:

  • Consider tweaking your subject line strategy in order to find more effective ways to capture attention and inspire your audience to open the email.
  • You can also test the day and time which you send your email in order to see what works best.
  • Use A/B testing to try out several versions of an email campaign to see which is the most effective at increasing engagement.

High Unsubscribe Rates

If your followers are unsubscribing from your list this may be happening for many different reasons. Surveys reveal people frequently unsubscribe from email lists if they get too many emails from an organisation, if the emails they receive aren’t applicable to their interests or – alternatively – if the emails are too promotional.

A clever way to address this email marketing roadblock is to segment your list. This stops you from sending irrelevant content to your subscribers. In addition, it lowers how many emails your followers receive from you and can possibly even boost open rates.

Also, consider surveying your followers. Ask them what you’re doing that may give them reason to unsubscribe. Knowing how your followers feel about your tactics is the main aspect towards making improvements and correcting email marketing challenges.

Sending Emails To A Bad Email Address

This mistake can lead to terrible results. For example, if you are sending a coupon code for the online pokies Australia offers or a discount as a method of gaining email subscribers, you should carefully re-check your subscribers email list.

It’d be unfortunate when your emails don’t reach your subscribers just because their email address isn’t verified. They would lose a fantastic opportunity to grab a great deal and you’d miss out on the business.

The email addresses on your mailing list can be incorrect for a number of reasons. Perhaps the subscriber submitted the incorrect address when signing up or the email address turned out to be invalid some time back. Be sure to check your list regularly to get the best ROI for every campaign.

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