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Ridiculous Fake News Stories People Believed

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You don’t have to go far to find fake news these days. In fact, it is almost guaranteed there is at least 1 on your social media feed right now. Fake news can be harmful, spreading disinformation and lies. On the other hand fake news can also be hilarious. Think what you will about the spread of misinformation, these widespread fake news stories are worth a laugh.

The Nibiru Apocalypse

It isn’t the first time that the world has feared an apocalypse. Heck, fearing the end of the world is almost as old as humanity itself. In March 2016, however, the new way for earth to be destroyed was coming courtesy of Planet X, otherwise known as Nibiru. According to the fake news story the planet was to collide with earth in the near future, meaning it was time to start digging bunkers and storing canned foods.

Additionally, a follow up fake news article declared that Hillary Clinton was a believer in the Nibiru apocalypse. That all this nonsense spread as far as it did is amazing, not in the least because some even reportedly did stock their end of the world bunkers in preparation.

Woman Defecates on Boss’s Desk

Spread far and wide, shared millions of times, the story of a woman that defecated on her boss’s desk became a worldwide legend. Apparently she won the lottery, only to show her disdain for her former boss by using his desk as a toilet. She was then promptly arrested.

All lies, but perhaps so popular because it’s something that most of us can imagine doing. At least those that don’t think fondly of their boss. Either way, the fictional lady probably would have been better off taking her winnings to a New Zealand gambling online site instead.

Eiffel Tower On Fire

A great fake news story because it latched on to a true event, then rode the facts into something else entirely. A 2016 fake news story claimed that terrorist organisation ISIS had set the Eiffel tower alight. As proof of the claims, real photos were provided, showing the Eiffel tower engulfed in smoke. In reality a fireworks truck had burst into flames, and the incident was indeed head line news. Of course, ISIS had nothing to do with it.

Candy Crush Murder

Getting nearly half a million shares, this fake news story claimed a woman had murdered her roommate. Though, not for the usual reasons, but rather because her roommate had sent her too many Candy Crush requests. Funny, believable, and entertaining; probably why the story became so infamous.

Women Upgraded To Mammals

Also in 2016, perhaps the most notorious fake news of all time, this story claimed that in Saudi Arabia scientists had finally given women the rank of mammal. The story presented itself as a leap for equal rights, though was obviously just pushing the buttons of gullible readers.

That the story was blatantly and obviously fake didn’t stop is from being shared over a quarter of a million times.

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