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How To Be A Tech Influencer

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In the modern world of social media, there’s an influencer for just about every industry imaginable. These are the people that create and influence the flow of trends; the people that make others aware of new products or services; plus, it can be a great way of earning a decent living.

Being a tech influencer is among the more popular types of social media influencing around at the moment, partly due to the fact that there is always new tech to cover, but also because technology is a hyper-popular niche that is deeply integrated into most people’s lives.

  1. A Passion For Technology

It seems obvious at first, but there are a lot of influencers out there that want to promote different technologies but have little understanding of how these technologies work. For instance, anyone with a passion for smartphones will want to have a basic understanding of how smartphones function – after all, these are incredibly complex pieces of technology that have changed the world as we know it.

Smartphones are composed of many different components and use various operating systems, and an influencer will want to try and be as familiar as possible with the products that they are showing their followers. Keep up to date with new tech as it comes out, and make sure to have enough knowledge to create comprehensive and interesting showcases.

  1. Use Multiple Platforms

Everyone wants to be an influencer, so standing out can be difficult. One of the ways of maximising engagement is by using as many different social media platforms as possible. Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Mastodon, and YouTube are just some of the more well-known platforms. A good tech influencer will want to have accounts on all these platforms and use them in collaboration with one another. Sticking to just one type of social media, such as Instagram, can make it much more difficult to consolidate a fan base.

  1. Always Be Honest

Influencers spend years of their lives building a following, but it’s easy enough to destroy all this work by being dishonest. There are plenty of influencers that completely destroy their reputations by telling blatant lies or omitting certain facts about the products or services that they are promoting. It’s important to always maintain as much honesty as possible when interacting with a broad audience – even if it means having to tell them things that some of them might not want to hear.

  1. Don’t Post Too Much

If there’s one way to chase people away, it’s by spamming a channel with new posts every day. People are much more responsive when there’s a post every few days, which allows for interest to die down somewhat, and makes people much more likely to engage when something new is added, so rather take the time to instead play some Australian slots online or video games until the interest is renewed.

Overloading followers with new content every day makes it much more likely that they will simply lose interest and find something else.

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