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Reasons Why Print Media Will Never Completely Die

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Ever since the advent of digital media, the overwhelming belief has been that print media simply doesn’t stand a chance. Digital media is simply superior, a practical upgrade to old-school newspapers and magazines.

However, while digital media certainly has taken the world by storm, the notion that print media is facing its impending doom is not really an accurate one. Sure, digital media has rendered some types of original media useless, and by and large, it’s far more accessible and way cheaper to produce.

But that’s not all there is to the situation. What people fail to consider is the human aspect, the nostalgia, and niche markets.

Here are some reasons why print media will never truly die.


The oldest versions of newspapers have been around since the 16th century, and when considering something so old, it’s impossible to ignore the trust associated with something that’s been around for so long.

Whether it’s based on logic or not, people trust what they’re used to, and the same is true for print media over digital media. In fact, while this isn’t at all to say that online content isn’t vetted, there may be a bit of a point here. We can’t ignore the difference between an article being sent to the printers as opposed to being published online – the former is permanent while the latter can be edited.

Thus, the idea is that print media tends to undergo more intense scrutiny before publishing, making it more credible. Of course, this certainly isn’t always the case, but there certainly is something to be said for this line of thinking.

Niche Audiences

Some versions of print media cover very specific niche areas and target audiences that really know what they’re looking for. Whether it’s a fan of Reader’s Digest or Popular Mechanics, some people simply want to have the print version of their limited edition magazine, and when it’s digital, it’s just not the same.

Of course, for some people, it’s mostly about the fact that they can hold it and turn the pages. And there really is something about being able to smell the ink on a freshly printed newspaper.

Focused Consumption

Reading via online platforms is often interspersed with adverts, email notifications and so on, making your reading experience distracted and less pure. However, when you’re reading the newspaper or a magazine article, focusing your attention is far easier.

Limited Access to Internet

Access to the internet is increasing globally, no doubt about it, but there are still many people all over the world who simply don’t have access to smartphones and computers and who sadly miss out on online NZ casino action too. This also means that they can’t access digital media, excluding them from being able to read the news.

However, even in the furthest out and most rural areas, some form of print media is available. Whether it’s a national or a local newspaper, there’s almost always something available that you can read – even if you don’t have to purchase it.

While this may change over time, at the moment, accessibility is a huge point of contention.

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