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Social Media Trends To Keep Up With

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Keeping up with social media trends can be tough. It’s no secret that they change overnight, and what works well for marketing your business one day may not work well the next. The only thing you can be sure of when it comes to social media is the fact that it will always change.

We understand that the thought of fitting ever-changing trends into your overarching approach to your brand’s social media presence can be challenging, so with this in mind, we’ve compiled this list of the latest trends to help you stay on top of your game.

Shoppers Will Turn To Social Media To Purchase

Now we know that if you sell a product or service in this day and age, you likely already have an e-commerce platform from which to sell to your consumers. However, now that the world has started to move on from the global health crisis, we are still dealing with the effects of a world where stay-at-home mandates led to increased social media consumption. With that, the expectations that consumers now have on social media channels are higher, and this is unlikely to ever go away.

Now, shoppers want to be able to not only order items online from e-commerce platforms but also want to be able to order directly from social media channels. It makes things much easier for them, as they can go from simply browsing a brand’s channel to ordering directly from it instead of having to take the extra step of visiting their website.

Customers Don’t Want Phone Calls

Between recent labor shortages, problems with global supply chains, and multiple lockdowns, consumers have had more questions arise than ever before. Now, they’ve discovered that the answers they’re looking for can be found on social media

They no longer want to pick up the phone to make a booking at their favorite restaurant or find out a store’s opening times, or even have to dial a customer service hotline to check the status of their orders. Instead, they would much rather be able to contact your brand via live chats and direct messages just like you’d do when contacting support while enjoying reading all about Caulfield racing tips. This way, they get quick, easy answers without needing to speak directly with anyone else, so having someone available to address their questions is key.

Content Creators Reign Supreme

It’s hard to believe that the creator economy has already been around for a decade. However, it boomed in ways no one thought possible when we were all ordered to stay home. As people were suffering after mass lay-offs, many of them took to social media to diversify their income.

Now, these social media content creators aren’t fancy movie stars who live that aspirational Hollywood life. They’re regular people who consumers view as trustworthy friends, and they have all the power to influence their followers with regards to your brand. The creator economy has become so powerful that it is estimated that businesses will spend a combined total of US$15 billion on influencer marketing this year alone.

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